23 July 2010

Slaughterhouse 2001: A Da Vinci Odyssey

A column by Alex Beam in the Boston Globe this morning sparked me to visit the website called "I Write Like" (http://iwl.me/).  As Beam noted, paste a sample of your writing into its analyzer and, shazam, it tells you what famous author your text most resembles.  I seemed to morph into different writers, depending on what I put into it.  According to its statistical wisdom on word choice and style, the chapters of my latest book, The Day We Found the Universe, are similar to prose by Arthur C. Clarke (below on left), Kurt Vonnegut (center), and Dan Brown (right).  If only that translated into comparable sales!

P.S.  This particular blog entry, says the website, could have been written by Vonnegut (must be that shazam).

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