22 June 2010

Summer Mourning

Summer Solstice arrived yesterday at 7:28 in the morning Eastern Daylight Time. I'm wearing black.

For most people, the first day of summer marks a season of celebration: sun, sand, fireworks, and outdoor fun. But for me I'm disheartened. I can only dwell on the fact that for the next six months, here in the northern hemisphere, the days will be getting shorter and shorter.  We mark the start of summer on the longest day of the year. After that, it's downhill for us light lovers. With each passing day, we lose two more minutes of sunlight, meaning two more minutes of night until December 21, when it turns back around.

The Winter Solstice offers far more to look forward to.
Image Credit: JustUs3 at Flickr

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  1. Bought some of your books, like them. Good writer; however what do you think of this guy, Hilton Ratcliffe?