22 September 2010

Night = Day

Here in the northern hemisphere, the sun is crouching lower in the sky, the nights are getting longer, and the trees are beginning to turn a spectrum of colors.

Today begins the last quarter sprint towards winter. Happy Autumnal Equinox everyone, the moment when the hours of the day equal the hours of the night (well, give or take a few minutes).

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  1. Hello Professor, apologies for the intrusion, I have a question and can't seem to get the email to link to work.
    You may recall we were previously in contact about Frau Einstein. Anyway, I wonder if it is possible for visitors to sit in on some of the MIT Advanced Writing Seminars? I am on sabbatical at Harvard this year, as a visiting fellow with the Science, Technology and Society program at the Kennedy School of Government. I am quite interested/active in the field of science communication and would very much like to sit in on some of the seminars at the Advanced Writing course if that is permitted (I do appreciate that it is a pretty full-on fulltime course, but would like to maximise my sabbatical experience).
    Regards, Cormac

    Dr Cormac O' Raifeartaigh,
    Lecturer in Physics,
    Waterford Institute of Technology